Part of feeling and looking great at the office is wearing undergarments that you feel good in and that you're comfortable in. Wearing a well-fitted bra can take your outfit to a whole new level and make you look and feel professional. While you may not realize it, wearing a good bra can totally change the way an outfit looks!

If you're like me, I'm sure you've suffered from years and years of finding the right bra for your body. What's your biggest bra issue? Mine is slipping straps. I'm constantly pulling at my bra straps at work. At a really important meeting a few weeks ago, my coworker whispered in my ear that my bright pink bra straps were slipping. Talk about embarrassing, ugh!    I always have a hard time finding a good bra and well fitting bra since I'm so petite.  Today I'm sharing some easy fixes to some bra-blems that you may have.

The fixes below are brought to you by ThirdLove, a brand I love that makes high quality and beautiful bras. Part of the problem with bras is that they aren't often made to fit women's diverse bodies. ThirdLove has reinvented the way a bra fits by focusing on maximizing fit and comfort. After all, a bra is really supposed to fit well and be comfortable throughout the day. 

ThirdLove has a really great service where you could try a bra before you buy it called fit finder. All you need to do is answer a few questions on their website and you'll be matched with a bra that's perfect for you. You try the bra for 30 days. If you love it, you keep it and you'll get charged for the bra. If it's not the right bra for you, send it back and your credit card won't be charged. I did this and was matched with the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra. Guys, I'm obsessed. The bra fits so well. Usually, the first thing I do when I get home is take my bra off. The ThirdLove bra literally feels like butter. It's so comfortable and I feel like I'm not even wearing a bra. Best of all, my straps didn't slip! I'll definitely be buying this bra in every color.

ThirdLove is giving The Office Fashionista's readers 15% off with promo code
BRABLEMSJAN15. Just enter the code at checkout. Happy bra shopping!

Thanks so much for reading! 

This post is in collaboration with ThirdLove. All opinions are my own.