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Dear Office Fashionista,

I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl through and through. Since my office is super casual, I wear jeans and t-shirts to work everyday. Lately, I feel like I've been in a fashion rut. I want to dress up my look (for post work outings and meetings) without altering my style. How can I add a little pizazz to my everyday look without changing my casual style? Please help!


Jeans and T-Shirt Girl 


Dear Jeans and T-Shirt Girl,

There are plenty of ways you can dress up a casual jeans and t-shirt both for the office and for post-work outings! 

1). Accessorize! One of my favorite ways to dress up a t-shirt for the office is to add a statement necklace. A really fun and bold necklace can go a long way.
2). Lipstick. Add a bold red lip and you'll instantly look polished.
3). Add a scarf or a fun belt to give your outfit that extra oomph.
4). Add a blazer. It'll make you look more professional. Sometimes if I don't feel like actually wearing the blazer, I'll tie it over my shoulders. 
5). Play around with tucks. Tuck your shirt fully in, do a half tuck. 
6). Other ideas - Add a statement purse, colorful heels, a leather jacket, a beanie or a fedora. 

Here are some fun outfit ideas I've put together for you. Click each picture for outfit details and information on where to purchase. 

Look 1

Untitled #16

Untitled #17


The Office Fashionista

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