First Day of Work : Part One


So! I'm starting a new job. I'm really excited. It's an amazing career move for me and I'll be working for an amazing company. My commute will be cut in half, too! This afternoon, I went out with one of my girlfriends and she asked me what I'll be wearing on my first day. I was stumped. The dress code is business casual. I have absolutely no idea what to wear on my first day of work. Do I wear a dress? Do I wear a skirt? Should I wear pants? Flats or sandals? Heels or boots? 

I asked a few of my most fashionable girlfriends what they'd wear on their first day of work and had them snap some pictures. This will be a series. At the end of the series, I'll end with what I decided to wear on my first day of work :)

First up, is one of my best friends and photographer Jessi. I took the reigns and took her pictures. 

Name: Jessi
Occupation: Associate Media Editor, New York, NY
Office Dress Code: Business Casual 

Jessi wore this exact outfit for her first day of work (she recently switched jobs!) a few weeks ago. I absolutely love it. Jessi said that she choose this outfit for her first day because it's comfortable - which I think should be one of the main factors when choosing a first day of work outfit. When starting a new job, you have no idea what your day will be like. You may be sitting all day doing paperwork, running around to meetings, or be on your feet all day. So, comfort is key!  I think Jessi's outfit is JUST PERFECT for business casual and her personality really shines through too. She doesn't look too stuffy, and looks 100% office appropriate. 

Jessi said this particular skirt is a great work skirt because of it's functionality. I totally agree. It can be worn during all seasons, and is perfect for any type of weather - hot, cold, rainy, dry, wet, etc! It's also super flattering on her. Jessi's advice for a first day of work outfit - Wear something comfortable, something that fits well, and something that you feel confident in. 

Be sure to check back next week for Part 2 of the series! 

Top: Vintage find, loving this one and this one.
Skirt: Vintage find, similar here
Shoes: Born Concept, similar here
Lipstick:# 607 by Kiko 

Pictures by me

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