White Skirt


As I've shared in previous posts, I recently started a new job. This is an outfit I wore for one of my first days of work (not THE first day, separate post on THAT coming soon!). I thought my outfit was conservative enough but still fun. My personal style definitely shines through. I made sure to wear a plain black top and add a fun necklace for a little flair. I got this skirt from a big sale at Loft earlier this summer. I've worn it before but only with black on top. I guess I'll have to venture out of the box a little and wear it with other color combos. I can picture myself wearing this skirt with a neon top, or even a white top for a cool, monochromatic look.

I'm usually terrified to wear white. I'm a klutz and I'm literally always spilling everything. Luckily, I made it through the whole day without spilling anything on this skirt. A big accomplishment in my book. 

I had to recruit my boyfriend to take my outfit pictures, since I don't see Jessi on a daily basis anymore. We snapped these pictures outside of a restaurant where we grabbed dinner after work last week. The photo shoot was going great and just wrapping up when... Nick realized he didn't take any pictures. So, we had to retake the pictures. That's why I'm giggling in some of these pictures. He did a great job though, didn't he? Nick - you're officially hired!

Be sure to check back here later this week for the third installment in my "First Day of Work Series".

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Top: Forever 21, Similar Here
Skirt: Loft, Similar Here
Sandals: Forever 21, Love these
Purse: Coach, Similar Here
Necklace: JewelMint 

Photos by Nick

First Day of Work : Part Two


Happy Tuesday! Today I'm bringing you the second installment in my series "First Day of Work". I asked my most fashionable girlfriends what they'd wear (or what they wore) on their first day of work. The first installment of the series featured my friend Jessi, you can check that post out here

These posts have given me SO much inspiration. Dressing for the first day of work is tough. You want to make a good impression but also have your personal style shine through. I've already had my first day of work, but if I had to do it all over again, I'd borrow this outfit from Michele...

Name: Michele
Occupation: Manager, Client Services at a Digital Media Company
Office Dress Code: Business Casual

Michele works in digital media. She dresses pretty casually most days unless she has client meetings or work functions. She actually wore this exact outfit on her first day of work back in January! This look isn't too buttoned up and the blue and red combo really gives her outfit a young (but professional!) feel. This outfit really works all year round. When Michele wore it last Winter, she added tights. It can also be worn without tights for the warmer Summer months. 

The first thing I'd steal from Michele's wardrobe are these shoes. How great are they? They're perfect first day shoes. Michele says that they're comfortable enough to wear on a first day when you're not sure if you'll be sitting or standing but professional enough to make you look like you're taking things seriously. I love Michele's skirt too! It's super versatile. She's not only worn it to work, but also to baby showers, family functions, fancy dinners, etc! It works with sandals, heels, boots, tights or no tights. I can actually even picture the skirt being worn with white converse for a more laid back,casual Friday look.

Michele says she chose this outfit for her first day of work because it's professional and put together but still captured her personal style. I love how Michele's outfit mimics a suit and puts a hip spin on a classic. 

Be sure to check back next week for the third installment of the series. My friend Kim, who's a teacher, will be sharing her go-to outfit for her first day of work!   

Top: Old Navy, Similar Here
Skirt: TJ Maxx, Similar Here
Shoes: Franco Sarto
Lipstick: Bite Beauty (custom color)

Photos by Tom 

First Day of Work : Part One


So! I'm starting a new job. I'm really excited. It's an amazing career move for me and I'll be working for an amazing company. My commute will be cut in half, too! This afternoon, I went out with one of my girlfriends and she asked me what I'll be wearing on my first day. I was stumped. The dress code is business casual. I have absolutely no idea what to wear on my first day of work. Do I wear a dress? Do I wear a skirt? Should I wear pants? Flats or sandals? Heels or boots? 

I asked a few of my most fashionable girlfriends what they'd wear on their first day of work and had them snap some pictures. This will be a series. At the end of the series, I'll end with what I decided to wear on my first day of work :)

First up, is one of my best friends and photographer Jessi. I took the reigns and took her pictures. 

Name: Jessi
Occupation: Associate Media Editor, New York, NY
Office Dress Code: Business Casual 

Jessi wore this exact outfit for her first day of work (she recently switched jobs!) a few weeks ago. I absolutely love it. Jessi said that she choose this outfit for her first day because it's comfortable - which I think should be one of the main factors when choosing a first day of work outfit. When starting a new job, you have no idea what your day will be like. You may be sitting all day doing paperwork, running around to meetings, or be on your feet all day. So, comfort is key!  I think Jessi's outfit is JUST PERFECT for business casual and her personality really shines through too. She doesn't look too stuffy, and looks 100% office appropriate. 

Jessi said this particular skirt is a great work skirt because of it's functionality. I totally agree. It can be worn during all seasons, and is perfect for any type of weather - hot, cold, rainy, dry, wet, etc! It's also super flattering on her. Jessi's advice for a first day of work outfit - Wear something comfortable, something that fits well, and something that you feel confident in. 

Be sure to check back next week for Part 2 of the series! 

Top: Vintage find, loving this one and this one.
Skirt: Vintage find, similar here
Shoes: Born Concept, similar here
Lipstick:# 607 by Kiko 

Pictures by me