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Dear Office Fashionista,

I have an upcoming job interview at a company I'd die to work for. What do I wear?! It's a successful fashion start-up, and they have a strong social media presence that constantly gives inside looks into the company, so I know that their employees dress very casually on the job. I want to look professional, but I also know that in start-up culture, it's very important for potential employees to fit in. If I wear a full-on suit, I think I'll look out of place, but I don't want the hiring managers I meet with to think I'm dressed too casually. Plus, it's the fashion world, so I need to look cute. Help!   


The Confused Candidate


Dear Confused Candidate,

This is tough! You want to look cute, but professional and polished at the same time. I think I can help. Below, are some foolproof tips that will be sure to impress hiring managers. 

1). When in doubt, wear black! Black is always professional and chic. You can't go wrong with black. 
2). Be sure to reflect the aesthetic of the company you're interviewing with. For example, if you're interviewing for a position at a jewelry company try and wear a piece of jewelry that reflects their collection. You should definitely make it known that you've studied the collection and understand the brand. 
3). Carry a stylish bag or wear sharp shoes. 
4). Look clean. You should have a freshly polished nails and a sleek hairstyle. 

Here are some ideas!

Job Interview - Stripes & Blazer

Good Luck!

Love, The Office Fashionista 

P.S. Speaking of job interviews, I read this great piece a while ago on what people wore to interviews with Anna Wintour (EiC of Vogue) 

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