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Here's a little letter I received on my Facebook page from one of my dearest friends! If you need style advice, click here to find out how to be featured here. 

Dear Office Fashionista,

Help! I know that you will have the answer. I am attending a country-style wedding on a lake in late June. My (hot) date is best man, so I must look pretty. He will be in khakis and a white button down. What could I possibly wear to such an event? Please help me find the perfect look! I will be forever grateful. 


The Tailored Teacher


Dear Tailored Teacher,

Country weddings are so much fun! You can dress a little less formal than a semi-formal wedding but that doesn't mean that you can't dress up at all! A lace or floral dress in a bright color is perfect for the occasion! Make sure you wear shoes that won't stick to the grass so definitely go with wedges! They instantly make an outfit a little more formal but are so comfortable. Style your hair in loose curls or a romantic side braid. I've created a look for you below! Have fun :)


The Office Fashionista 

Rustic Wedding

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  1. Dear The Office Fashionista,

    I cannot even thank you enough for creating this precious look. It truly is appropriate for the occasion. I think I must splurge on that adorable clutch, too! Wedges are a great idea...I was definitely concerned about being in the grass. Most importantly, I love that dress! It's a great color for the event and for my complexion. The neckline is exquisite. I will have to go try it on for sizing, but I love the waistline as well. I just knew you would have the answer to help me transition from tailored NJ to country. I will keep you updated, but it looks like I have some shopping to do!

    Forever grateful,

    The Tailored Teacher