Blue Da Ba Dee


I always build my outfits around one key piece. I start with one thing and work around it. Whether it be shoes, a top, a necklace, or even a hairstyle. With this outfit, I built everything around my earrings. I've literally had these earrings for 5 years and I've never worn them. I hung them on my dresser, and I guess I thought they looked better as decoration. Last week, I was at a loss with what to wear. I wanted to wear something fresh, but didn't have anything new. Annnnnnd, then I lay my eyes on the earrings. 

It's back to cooler temps in NYC. That means its back to tights, long sleeves, and booties. Mother Nature, stop teasing me! 

The dress is so old. It's seen better days. But, I've kept it around. 

Long Sleeve Shirt: Old Navy 
Dress: Old, this one and this one are on my list. 
Tights: J. Crew 
Booties: Haute Look, I love these
Lipstick: Ruby Woo by Mac 

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